End of year housekeeping.

Well, I have been at this for three months now. I have learned a lot about Albanian communism and architects murdered by their chauffer’s . Exactly the type of fun knowledge one gains as they dig deeper into the hobby. While I have not set the internet on fire yet, I have found some regular readers. Many thanks for taking the time. People say that no one reads anything on line but rather only watch videos. At least among stamp collectors, some of us are willing to read about what we love.

By sticking to only stamps from my personal collection, many of the stamps I have written about could be described as kiloware. Which some stamp dealers despise as there is no money in them. I think that showing even inexpensive stamps have an interesting story to tell, I can attract more people to the hobby. No new collector is going to start with 4 figure stamps. Many like myself have collected for 40 years and as far as I know have nothing that valuable.

I have a request of my readers. Recommend my site to your stamp collecting friends. Also notice the hopefully discrete ads Google places. They have been chosen by them to appeal to you and don’t be afraid to click on one. I have been hoping for a five percent click through rate and so far have been short of that.

The stamp pictures on the site are slowly getting better and maybe eventually so will my proofreading. There are many more stories to learn from stamp collecting in 2018. Thanks for being here from the beginning!

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