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San Marino, in a small surrounded country political violence in dangerous, so think twice while you admire our prison

Staying independent is job one for a small state. Sometimes modifying behavior to get along is necessary. So slip on your smoking jacket, fill your pipe, take your first sip of your adult beverage, and sit back in your most comfortable chair. Welcome to todays offering from The Philatelist. Here is something you never see […]

Japan 1942, saluting the Japanese pilot

The fact of World War II was that most pilots gave their lives to the cause. Even in victory, the British pilot death toll was 46%. For Germany and especially Japan that toll was even higher. For a few, including todays subject, their skill was so great it saved them. So slip on your smoking […]

Swaziland Protectorate, What Africa would look like if it were never colonized?

The key word on this stamp is protectorate. The Swazi tribe and the local King survived the colonial division of Africa in the 19th Century. The still present Protectorate status prevented it from being dragged into Apartheid South Africa and protected it even after independence from Zulu incursions from modern South Africa. As such it […]